Crew12724 –

Business type: Website
Vision: Groups of experts (crews) – ready to perform jobs 12 moths, 7 days, 24 hours.
Mission: Gathering of experts in the specialized crews and their marketing.
CEO: Lucija Eftimov.
Target visitors: Individuals, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations requesting outsourcing.
Site purpose: Engaging the reliable professionals.
Site contents:
(a) fat header: (1) logo, name, (2) main menu [Request, Offer, References], (3) posts [News, Experiences, Comments, Q&A], (4) Contact, go to [Home, Contact (Editor, Admin, CEO, Agent, Expert, EconomicAdviser), About, Help, Sitemap, Staff, Links]
(b) main – (5) advertisements, requests, offers, posts
(c) fat footer: (6) menu [Home, Contact, About, Help, Home, Links, Sitemap, Staff], (7) Member, Crew (8) name, logo.
Site earnings: 3 % of the crew costs, members fee, donation, advertisement
StaticPages: About, Contact, Help, Home, Links, Sitemap, Staff
DynamicPages: Request, Offer, Member, Crew, Posts